Washington, Sep 1 : Scientists have developed a fast,reliable and inexpensive method to diagnose malaria that usesmagnetic fields to detect the parasite's waste products in theblood of infected patients...... read more

After a month of the most barbaric attack on the people of Gaza, Israel has decided to grab 400 acres of farming land in the West Bank in order to build settlements. Since, 1948, Israel has illegally grabbed thousands of acres belonging to the Palestine people...... read more

Beijing, Sep 4 : All the eleven miners who were buried in a rainstorm-triggered landslide in China's southwestern Chongqing muncipality have been confirmed dead with the recovery of the last body, officials said...... read more

Beijing, Sep 4 : China has successfully launched two satellites with a single rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the northwestern Gobi desert.
One satellite is the Chuangxin-1-04 which has been designed to collect and transmit data on hydrology, weather, electric power and disaster relief...
... read more

Kabul, Sep 4 : The Taliban struck a government compound in eastern Afghanistan early today in an attack that included two suicide truck bombings and left at least 12 people dead, including eight off duty policemen asleep in their quarters nearby, officials said...... read more


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27th December, 2015 towards Red Brigade

Huge rally by CPIM in Kolkata at Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday on 27th December, 2015.

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Assembly General Election

Assembly General Election