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"Ganashakti" - Welcomes you to a renewed edition of its Website in English. It is indeed of a great importance to propagate alternative Journalism that truly represents the common mass taking advantage of the Web Medium to the world of people.

This weekly newsmagazine was started in the year 1998. Portal comprises of the categories like News, Features, Articles, Photographs etc. The portal has covered the regional issues but also events of national and international magnitude. As a digital edition of its print counterpart ‘Ganashakti Bengali daily’ the website primarily mirrored the print edition along with befitting online information categories.

Having received huge hit and important suggestions, Ganashakti decided to give the website a new look altogether incorporating important suggestions from its readership.

The improved website will naturally cover the daily content of the print newspaper in a regular way. Furthermore as a party organ of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), West Bengal State Committee, it strives to represent the people's voice, revolutionise common toiling mass toward socialism. Ganashakti has started its publication from January, 3, 1967 as an evening daily. In 1986, May, 1, the evening daily has been converted to morning publication. Presently Ganashakti has its 3 editions, Kolkata, Durgapur and Siliguri and reaching every nook and corner of West Bengal. Throughout the four decades Ganashakti has enjoyed tremendous support from the common people though its pro-people journalism. In this course, the website brings forth the left analytical view of not only the politics of West Bengal but also the national and international political scenario.

In front of the post commercial growth of global media and its national, regional and even local counterparts both in print and electronic categories it is high time to combat those packaged news and sponsored views. This website will strongly combat the continuous disinformation and misinformation campaign against our Party and Left Front government in West Bengal. We hope that this website will be able to cater the requirement of left and progressive minded people as a whole.

Therefore the website even beyond the responsibility to provide news of and for the common mass, needs your active participation in its 'Opinion', 'forum' and 'feedback' sections.

These renewed edition will have daily update or as and when required.


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Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

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