In an open letter on the BJP website, Jaitley makes a strange argument: only those who protested against the Emergency have a right to speak about civil liberties in the country today. At one stroke, entire generations born after the Emergency -- the bulk of our country's population today – has been told to hold its tongue. ..... read more

The Modi government’s record in tacitly supporting the actions of  a bunch of vigilante thugs who have been terrorizing the country, especially the Muslims and the dalits, in the guise of gaurakshaks, or opponents of love jihad, or “nationalists”, has been so outrageous that it has grabbed all the critical attention... read more

Crisis in the farming sector has intensified since the formation of Modi government.  Indian agricultural sector has witnessed large scale farmer mobilisations in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka during the last year. The major demands of farmers in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, are loan waivers and a... read more

When the CSO had released advance estimates of GDP for the October-December quarter of 2016-17, within which demonetisation had occurred, the fact that the economy had still shown a 7 per cent growth rate, had been an occasion for much celebration in government circles. It had been used by the government to argue that, contrary to th... read more

President Donald Trump has failed to reassure members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) that the United States was fully committed to the alliance..... read more

THE Modi government is completing three years in office amid much fanfare and propaganda about its achievements during this period. Aiding this propaganda is the advance estimate of GDP which projects a growth-rate of 7.11 per cent for 2016-17, a shade lower than last year’s 7.93 per cent, but apparently impressive nonetheless. Desp... read more

The Afghan Toll


The American war in Afghanistan will soon enter its 16th year. Over this period, the United States and its allies have lost close to 3,000 soldiers, while an unknown number of Afghans have died..... read more


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27th December, 2015 towards Red Brigade

Huge rally by CPIM in Kolkata at Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday on 27th December, 2015.

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Assembly General Election

Assembly General Election