ON August 9, I along with CPI general secretary, D Raja proceeded to Srinagar after the central government had, on August 5, dismantled the state of Jammu and Kashmir and divided it into two centrally administered union territories. This was done through a virtual military takeo... read more

The Modi government has conducted a lightning strike against the Constitution and federalism.  Under the aegis of the Modi-Shah duo, Article 370 of the Constitution has been disemboweled and the subsidiary provision stemming from it – Article 35A – nullified.  They have then proceeded to launch a brazen attack on the... read more

One of the immanent tendencies of capital is to commoditise every sphere of life; and under neoliberal capitalism where the immanent tendencies of capital are given full play, we find the sway of commoditisation reaching into new areas. The commoditisation of education, which has proceeded apace of late, is one instance of this; and now w... read more

It’s a classic Indian cinema fight-in-the-desert scene. Against the background of dunes and depressions with a tiny sprinkling of scrub vegetation, the hero rises from the burning sands of a barren wasteland to beat the bad guys to a pulp...... read more

ONE of the most startling aspects of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman’s speech is that it did not provide the numbers that are the basic reason for having a budget speech in the first place: the numbers relating to overall revenues and expenditure of the government,..... read more

Kerala has once again topped in the latest health ranking NITI Aayog report, "Healthy States, Progressive India". The report ranks states and Union Territories on their year-on-year incremental change as well as overall performance with respect 23 health indicators such as neonatal mortality rate...... read more

WHILE the working people the world over express their solidarity with each other in their struggles to end exploitation on May Day, the BJP and Narendra Modi are preoccupied with disrupting such unity and solidarity through their venomous campaign of communal polarization.... read more


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Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

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General Election

General Election