Indian people are today facing unprecedented challenges.  The only way in which these challenges can be met and defeated is through a mighty people’s movement on the basis of an alternative policy framework that reverses the current disastrous policy direction in our country by ousting the present RSS/BJP government.  In a... read more

President Donald Trump promised to “make America great again”. The slogan defined his campaign and his presidency. His bluster was often forgiven because of the sentiment attached to that slogan—it inspired a hope that Trump’s policies would protect the U.S..... read more

Massive struggles by the All India Kisan Sabha in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and elsewhere were preceded by a build up of independent and united struggles in the past 4 years. The recent successes of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Karnataka peasantry have generated an electrifying impact on the peasantry and all democ... read more

Agartala, March 14: Condemning the pre-planned, barbarous attacks that has been let loose by the BJP on the common people in the state of Tripura, Sitaram Yechuiry demanded that this barbarism must end immediately. The Government that assumed office taking oath in the name of the constitution of the country must act upon to stop these dre... read more

In their victory speeches made at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi after the results of the Tripura elections were announced, Prime Minister Modi and the President of the ruling party promised to free India of communists...a "Communist-mukt Bharat." Modi declared that it was an "ideological victory" over the communist... read more


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27th December, 2015 towards Red Brigade

Huge rally by CPIM in Kolkata at Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday on 27th December, 2015.

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Assembly General Election

Assembly General Election