Let the Constitution enforced in Tripura.


From Haripada Das

Agartala, March 14: Condemning the pre-planned, barbarous attacks that has been let loose by the BJP on the common people in the state of Tripura, Sitaram Yechuiry demanded that this barbarism must end immediately. The Government that assumed office taking oath in the name of the constitution of the country must act upon to stop these dreadful attacks throughout the state on the left supporters, said Sitaram Yeachury, General Secretary of CPI(M) on 11th March evening. Sitaram Yechury was addressing the press at CPI(M) Tripura State Committee Office. He was convening to the press his experiences after visiting extensive tour in different terror-stricken areas of West Tripura, Sepahijala, Gomati and South districts. Besides Sitaram Yechury, party State Secretary Bijan Dhar, Central Committee Member Badal Chowdhury and Gautam Das, State Committee Member, MP Sankar Prasad Datta were present in the press meet.

In a democratic system, any party or alliance may win while others are defeated. It is a usual course of the democracy. But only on the plea of electoral victory, nobody can unleash such barbarous attacks on the opposition supporters. It is a rampant violation of the constitution. The new Government must act upon to ensure security of life and protection of life and properties of the citizens of the state. If the Government does not take any measure to arrest this barbarism, it would be tantamount of making the rejection of the Constitution of India to prevail upon in the state of Tripura.  

Sitaram Yechury strongly raised the demands to the new state government for compensation to those innocent families whose houses and other properties have been burnt and destroyed, and looted,  whose rubber plantations, shops were burnt, ponds were netted to take away the fishes, cattles were looted.   He also demanded return back of those offices belonged to CPI(M), other left parties and their organisations forcibly occupied by the BJP miscreants to their respective party and mass organisation  units. If BJP thinks that, by means of such vandalism and agreesion they would succeed to suppress the dissenting voice in Tripura and in the whole country, they are living in a fool’s paradise. Lenin’s statue may be bull-dodged by brute power, but not his philosophy which is eternal. The communists faced many adversities in the past, they will overcome this situation also with the help of the toiling masses and democratic people, Sitaram expressed confidently.  

Sitaram visited several terror stricken areas in West District on 11th March. Next day he visited many areas of Sepahijala, Gomati and South Tripura Districts. He was accompanied by Ex. Chief Minister and PBM Manik Sarkar, Central Committee Members Badal Chowdhury, Gautam Das, State committee Members Sankar Prasad Datta, Jharna Das Baidya, both MPs and State Committee Member and Ex. Minister Manik Dey, ADC Chief Executive Member Radhacharan Debbarma and others. The team of the CPI(M) leaders headed by Sitaram Yechury, visited hundreds of houses of the CPI(M) supporters in these Districts. The prominent offices the Team visited were the TMSU (Tripura Motor Shramik Union Office) at old Motor Stand, Agartala which was a permanent office constructed by the workers about 50 years back. Now it is forcibly occupied by the BJP workers. The CPI(M) team also witnessed the vandalism and arson of CPI(M) offices at Khayerpur, Ranirbazar, Mandai, Khumulwng etc. The Team saw, how the Mohanpur Sub-Divisional Committee office of the CPI(M) was turned to wreckage by the BJP supporters after looting its cash. In Belonia of South Tripura District, the team visited the spot where Lenin’s statue was demolished. At Birchandrmanu of Shanirbazar Sub-Division, the office of the “Birchandra Manu Martyrs Memorial Society” was forcibly occupied by the BJP miscreants. This was a society established in memory of the 11 CPI(M) leaders and workers who sacrificed their lives at the hands of the Congress supporter killers in 1988, while reopening the CPI(M) office that was occupied by them as the BJP is doing at present. The Team also visited the CPI(M) Sepahijala District Office at Bishramganj which is kept under lock and key by the BJP supporters.    

Expressing his experience gathered during his visit last two days, Sitaram said, it was a pre-planned drive for annihilation of the CPI(M). Hundreds of houses vandalised, looted or set on fire after loot. We had no words to console the utterly ruined families who had only ‘fault’ of supporting left. The moment the victory of BJP alliance became clear on the day of counting, most of the TMSU (Tripura Motor Shramik Union) offices were captured. Is there any doubt that could be happened without any well-planned machination? In several offices, they got the captured offices painted afresh to eliminate any evidence of its actual owners.    

Sitaram Yechury raised following demands to the new state Government:

Firstly, the Government must act upon to immediately make an end to barbarous attack on opposition party supporters. Arson has been committed even on the day the CPI(M) team visited Belonia.

Secondly, hundreds of houses of party leaders, workers and sympathizers either ransacked, looted and burnt to ashes for no fault of their own, except they belong to CPI(M) or left parties supporters. BJP Government must compensate them to reconstruct their houses. 


Thirdly, thousands of left workers and sympathizers were subjected to physical attack, and were hackled by the BJP miscreants. A good number of them are now taking treatment being admitted in various hospitals of the state. The expenditure to be incurred on their treatment must be borne by the Government.

Fourthly, extortion of money is going on by the BJP miscreants in large scale throughout the state. In absence of male members, who are hiding elsewhere because of terror, BJP miscreants are threatening the female members of the house with kerosene cane in their hand and demanding huge cash for their ‘victory celebration. Otherwise they threaten to set the house on fire. In a democratic country it is hard to imagine, but it is fact in Tripura. This must immediately be stopped, Sitaram demanded.   

Fifthly, the party and mass organisation offices that were forcibly occupied must be returned back to their respective party and mass organisation units. To organise themselves under any organisation is a fundamental right of the people. In our constituency, nobody is allowed to encroach on this fundamental right.

Lastly, due to this organised drive for creating horror, thousands of working people rendered homeless and most of them cannot go to their workplaces due to terror. If an atmosphere devoid of any fear and anticipation of being attacked is not restored, the working people will continue to suffer. The primary responsibility of the new government is to restore peaceful fearless atmosphere.

Referring to the demolition of Lenin’s statues, Sitaram said, we are always opposed to such vandalism. But what happened at Belonia and Subroom,  it proves that the BJP is not able to confront us ideologically. Lenin’s statue may be broken, but not his ideology, which is eternal, Sitaram said. 

In reply to a query regarding claim of the DGP that the situation in the state is quite normal, Sitaram said, I see, DGP, the head of police administration is also frightened about his position if he does admit that the situation is abnormal.eom


[ A new tactic to defame CPI(M) is under way. Taking Magistrates’ order BJP Government has started raiding and searching the CPI(M) and its mass organisation offices to find out arms. So far four such offices have been raided by the police accompanied by mob of BJP supporters. From one such captured TMSU office at Nagerjala, Agartala they recovered some so called sharp cutting weapons and anti-left pet media are slandering the party and its mass organisations. Yesterday, they had raided the CPI(M) Longthorai Valley sub-Divisional Committee office. Nothing incriminating could be found. Today, 14/3/2018, searching on several offices at Shanirbazar is going on. While searching they the police is also checking the cash of the party.  A complaint to the DGP of Tripura is being sent in separate attachment. ] 



Communist Party of India (Marxist)

Tripura State Committee

Dasaratha Deb Smriti Bhavan

Melarmath, Agartala – 799001, 2323448, 2325365, Fax- 2310875, email



14th   March , 2018


The Director General of Police

Government of Tripura






            After declaration of Tripura Legislative Assembly election results supporters of the new ruling party in the state BJP are continuing their undemocratic violent and terrorist activities unabated. 

            A new phenomena of attack started since March 12, 2018. On that evening Tripura Motor Shramik Union Office at Negarjala, Agartala which was locked by BJP goons since 4th March morning that was unlocked by BJP workers and spread the rumour that arms were stored in the office . They filed a false case with the police and raided the office to recover so called ‘arms’ from inside the office.

            On March 13, the BJP workers spread another rumor that arms were kept in Manughat office of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) which is the Sub Divisional headquarters of Longthorai Valley. The police brought one Executive Magistrate and raided and searched our Manughat Office. When the raid and search was going on BJP mobilized their workers in front of our office. In presence of Executive Magistrate, the police thoroughly searched our office and found nothing objectionable.  The police have given a clearance certificate in this regard after completing the search.

            Last night, BJP supporters gheraoed our party office at Jolaibari under Santirbazar Sub Division of South Tripura District raising the same rumour that arms have been kept inside the office. CRPF jawans chased the hoodlums later on.

            Today, the police brought a search warrant from the court and searched our Santirbazar Sub Divisional office along with the Executive Magistrate and BJP workers. There is no precedence that police can search office of a political party along with ruling party workers. Not only that they even counted cash of our party kept in the office. We have been informed that three more offices in the Sub Division will be raided and searched by the police along with BJP workers.

            Today itself the police are conducting search in our Dhalai District Committee Office situated at Ambassa.

            Our party, i.e. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) is a national recognized party by the Election Commission of India. It is our constitutional and democratic right to run our party offices and it is duty of the law and order authority to protect the democratic activities of political parties including functioning of their office. But it is most objectionable that at the behest of new ruling party of the state , the police are conducting raid and searches in our party and trade union offices. In a democracy, it is not at all acceptable.

            Since declaration of Assembly election results so far 96 of our party offices burnt down, 367 party offices were vandalized and looted, 233 party offices were captured by the BJP supporters. 1829 houses of our party workers and supporters were raided, looted and vandalized, 217 houses were burnt, 442 shops were burnt and looted, 35 rubber plantations of our workers and supporters were burnt.

            Daily Desher Katha is a registered newspaper and categorized  “A”, (highest category) by the Government of Tripura. But since declaration of results BJP supporters are preventing circulation of Daily Daily Desher Katha in almost all Sub Divisions of the state.

            As you are head and custodian of law and order authority we are placing following demands :

  1. Raid and search of our party offices and Trade Union offices shall be stopped forthwith.
  2. Occupied party and Trade Union offices shall be restored to our respective party and Trade Union units.
  3. Suomoto cases shall be registered and accused shall be arrested where our party and Trade Union offices were burnt, vandalized and looted.
  4. Protection shall be given to those of our party leaders, workers and supporters who had to leave their places of residence due to threat by the BJP workers.
  5. Those shops closed due to threat from the BJP supporters, protection should be given to the shop owners so they can start their normal business activities.
  6. Accused persons shall be arrested those who are responsible for arson and looting of the houses , shops, rubber plantations, looting of fisheries etc. of our party workers and supporters.
  7. Adequate security measures shall be taken so that Daily Desher Katha shall be freely distributed to its subscribers all over the state.
Hope you will take urgent steps on the above demands from our party.

                                                            Thanking you,                                    

Yours  Sincerely,



      Badal Chowdhury, MLA

      State Secretariat  Member, CPI(M)


Gautam Das

                   State Secretariat  Member, CPI(M)



         Narayan Kar

                    State Secretariat  Member, CPI(M)



    Sankar Prasad Datta,

      M.P. (Lok Sabha),

                                                                                              State committee Member, CPI(M)           



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