AnchorIT is heartening to see that several intellectual critiques of Hindutva on epistemic grounds are beginning to appear now – one has come across a few online in recent weeks. The immediate shock of seeing the intellectual discourse in the country being swept aside by sheer brute force had a numbing effect; this effect is finally... read more

WHENEVER the unemployment problem is under discussion a common response is that overcoming it requires an even higher GDP growth rate than we have been having. This completely misses the point. Unemployment is the manifestation of certain social relations; unemployment will continue to grow, no matter how high the rate of growth of GDP wi... read more

PULWAMA fedayeen attack killed more than 40 personnel of the CRPF on February 14. There was widespread condemnation in the country at the ghastly killing. However, the ‘sangh’ and its outfits were more concerned at targeting the Kashmiri people, who either are students or work in different parts of the country, by attacking th... read more

Along with the US-made Venezuelan “coup” unravelling, the US is facing an unexpected blowback in Haiti. The people of Haiti have taken to the streets demanding the resignation of the Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, elected with the US’s “help” and with the lowest ever voter turnout. The Moïse ... read more

WHAT is happening in Venezuela today provides an object lesson on the nature of imperialist intervention in third world countries in the era of neoliberalism. Imperialism has of late intervened along similar lines in other Latin American countries, notably Brazil; but Venezuela, precisely because of the strong resistance it has put up, sh... read more

THE US decision to withdraw from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty) on February 1, follows closely the start of its production of low yield nuclear warheads and plans to deploy them. To complete this picture, the US released last month its Missile Defense Review, which in essence repeats Trump’s speech at the ... read more

PM MODI is clearly rattled by reading the writing on the wall concerning the outcome of the 2019 general elections. As a result, he is doling out various excuses and reasons in order to portray the efforts for unity, that is emerging among the secular opposition for the ouster of the BJP from government, as an act of either opportunism, a... read more


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Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

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General Election

General Election