On Sunday, August 12, Samir Amin died. With him went a generation of Egyptian Marxists who came of age in the time of Nasserism and departed with the world in tatters. Amin was born in 1931 in Cairo... ... read more

Under 5 months’ rule of BJP-IPFT alliance, democracy is the first casualty in Tripura. Tripura has been converted into a laboratory of strangulating the dissenting voice and destroying the multi-party democratic system of the country. This danger is imminent to be extended to the entire country, if the secular democratic forces are ... read more

THE proposal to eliminate the University Grants Commission and to tighten political control over the higher education system in India, has been mooted at the behest of Narendra Modi who is apparently concerned about the dearth of Indian names among the top-ranked universities in the world... ... read more

SPEAKING at a seminar on “  challenges  facing India” at Chennai  organized by the Tamil Nadu Platform for People’s Unity on July 29, the leaders of the CPI(M), Congress, DMK and CPI  said that Modi government has failed on all fronts and called for ending the BJP rule...... read more

AS the prime minister was labouring to deliver his one and half hour long speech at the end of the no-confidence motion debate on Friday, June 20, Rakbar alias Akbar Khan was being lynched to death in Alwar district of Rajasthan over allegations of cow smuggling...... read more

If Seymour Hersh had only broken the story of the massacre of unarmed civilians at My Lai in Vietnam by the United States Army in 1968, it would have been enough to make a career. But that was only one story in a range of stories that this feisty and independent journalist has broken over the course of his long career..... read more

NELSON Mandela is no more. When my generation was in its teens, a popular song went as follows: 'To dream the impossible dream/To fight the unbeatable foe/To bear with unbearable sorrow/To run where the brave dare not go/To right the unrightable wrong.../To reach the unreachable star/This is my quest/To follow that star/No matter... read more


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27th December, 2015 towards Red Brigade

Huge rally by CPIM in Kolkata at Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday on 27th December, 2015.

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Assembly General Election

Assembly General Election