Agartala, March 14: Condemning the pre-planned, barbarous attacks that has been let loose by the BJP on the common people in the state of Tripura, Sitaram Yechuiry demanded that this barbarism must end immediately. The Government that assumed office taking oath in the name of the constitution of the country must act upon to stop these dre... read more

In their victory speeches made at the BJP headquarters in New Delhi after the results of the Tripura elections were announced, Prime Minister Modi and the President of the ruling party promised to free India of communists...a "Communist-mukt Bharat." Modi declared that it was an "ideological victory" over the communist... read more

Trump, Year One


The world has survived the first year of United States President Donald Trump’s reign. He has not yet destroyed the world with a major war, whether against Iran or North Korea. He has not wrecked the foundations of the world trade and financial systems. These he has not done...... read more

LIKE the person on the proverbial tiger, the Indian economy is currently riding a precarious course. The Government of India’sEconomic Survey for 2017-18 recognises this frankly, but its panacea is to keep one’s fingers crossed and hope that the ride continues.
The macroeconomic data it presents are closer ... read more

‘The people are calling it a fraudulent and stolen election’, said Dr. Luther Castillo Harry, when I asked him about the late November election in Honduras. Castillo Harry, who was the National Commissioner of Ministry of Health in the Honduras, looks despairingly at his native country..... read more

Agartala, December 18:  As election to the Tripura Assembly is expected to be held in February next year, hectic preparation is going on by the Election Administration as well as by all the political parties working in the state. Full Team of the Election Commission visited the state on November 28, 2017..... read more


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27th December, 2015 towards Red Brigade

Huge rally by CPIM in Kolkata at Brigade Parade Ground on Sunday on 27th December, 2015.

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Assembly General Election

Assembly General Election