The working class and the common people have, on 8th January 2020, once again emphatically voiced their opposition to the neoliberal policies and the communal divisive agenda pursued by the BJP government led by Modi. 
While the joint trade union platform gave the call for the countrywide general strike on the d... read more

19Only the very uninformed or, in the case of today's India, the very brazen, would have the gumption to accuse Faiz Ahmed Faiz and his writing of being even remotely communal. Yet this is what a complaint made by Dr. Vashi Mant Sharma, a faculty member at IIT-Kanpur, alleges. This followed the recitation of Faiz'... read more

Cuba and India established diplomatic relations on January 12, 1960 and since then the links between both governments, states and peoples are based on the decision to defend national independence, contribute to the achievement of a more just and equitable international order, as well as to guarantee a stable and lasting peace in the world... read more

India’s Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu made a curious comment on 28 December. ‘Express dissent in a democratic way,’ he said. Before he became the Vice President – a largely symbolic role – Naidu was the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the far-right political organization that now govern... read more

MODI has been claiming that his government has become transparent with all its data and services now being on the internet. If this is true, why is his government shutting down the internet? In 2018, and in 2019, India is responsible for almost 70 per cent of all estimated 196 such globally documented internet shutdowns. As we shall see, ... read more


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Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

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General Election

General Election