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New Delhi, Jan 13 : Opposition parties, led by the Congress, demanded on Monday that the amended Citizenship Act should be withdrawn and the process of NPR immediately stopped, asserting that it was all part of an "unconstitutional package" that targeted poor people, SC/STs and minorities.... read more



New Delhi, January 12: Joint Statement by Disability Rights Organisations/Activities.
We, disabled citizens of India and their representative organisations declare our unequivocal opposition to the discriminatory NPR/NRC/CAA. ... read more

New Delhi, January 10: The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has issued the following statement: 
The Supreme Court has made significant comments on the curbs on civil liberties in Jammu and Kashmir which bely the false claims of normalcy that the Central Government has been peddling to the country and the ... read more


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Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

Peoples Brigade 3rd Feb, 2019

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General Election

General Election