Dilma Rousseff Says She's a Victim
of Fraud of the Far Right


Brasilia, May 4 ; Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said Tuesday that she was the victim of a fraud by the extreme right of her country to remove her from power.

"They want to come to power by an easy route and not through popular election for which we have fought," said Rousseff during the inauguration of Family Agriculture Plan 2016.

"I'm being a victim of fraud because they are not able to come to power by democratic means, they seek to have a coup," she said.

She argued that Brazil is experiencing a difficult time that can only be overcome with the union of all Brazilians.

"We have struggled to maintain social programs, we have never failed the country as the right says," said Rousseff.

For her, the right wing wants to cut the road to democracy in Brazil with misplaced actions that threaten the peace and tranquility of a country. "The right insists on making everyone believe that I’m paralyzing the country, but they are the ones seeking to destroy all the achievements of a social government," she said.

Rousseff noted that what is at stake is not the 54 million votes that re-elected her as president of Brazil in 2014, but all those who didn’t vote for her that will be victims of a scam by people who do not even have a project for the country.


Since the corruption case in Petrobras was known, Brazil's opposition seeks to link President Dilma Rousseff and the members of the Workers Party (PT) to prevent them from remaining in government.

On April 17 the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil approved the request for impeachment against Rousseff, with 367 votes in favor, 137 against, seven abstentions and two absent.

The case was transferred to a committee of 21 senators, most of them from the opposition, which will have 10 days to hear the arguments of the prosecution and defense of the president.


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