New immigration order to address
court's concerns: Trump



Washington, Feb 17 :  An unfazed President Donald Trumphas vowed to issue a new immigration executive order next weekthat would be "tailored" to the court's ruling that stalledhis controversial travel ban on people from seven Muslim-majority countries into the US.

"The new order is going to be very much tailored to whatI consider to be a very bad decision," said Trump during ahurriedly convened White House news conference, referring to adecision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that blockedhis travel ban earlier this month.

The court had refused to lift a federal judge's temporaryrestraining order on Trump's executive order barring foreignnationals from Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Iraq andYemen from entering the country for 90 days, all refugees for120 days and all refugees from Syria indefinitely.

Trump said that his new executive order is beingtailored. "We have some of the best lawyers in the countryworking on it. And the new executive order is being tailoredto the decision we got down from the court," he said.

However, he did not give details of the new order.Trump criticised the court order suspending the travelban as "a very bad decision, very bad for the safety andsecurity of our country. The roll-out was perfect."

"We've vetting very, very strongly. Very, very strongly. But we need help, and we need help by getting that executiveorder passed," he said.

Soon after Trump's comments, the US Justice Departmentapproached a federal court in San Francisco for a pause in theproceedings.

The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in its order lateThursday put the proceedings of the case on hold.

The new executive action next week, Trump said, willcomprehensively protect America.

"We will be going along the one path and hopefullywinning that. At the same time, we will be issuing a new andvery comprehensive order to protect our people, and that willbe done some time next week, toward the beginning or middle atthe latest part," he said.

Meanwhile, Washington State Attorney General Bob Fergusonwho was instrumental in filing the case against the executiveorder claimed victory.

"Let's be clear: Today's court filing by the federalgovernment recognizes the obvious — the President's currentExecutive Order violates the Constitution. President Trumpcould have sought review of this flawed Order in the SupremeCourt but declined to face yet another defeat," he said.

Ferguson alleged that the Executive Order violates the USConstitution's guarantee of Equal Protection and the FirstAmendment’s Establishment Clause, infringes individuals’constitutional right to Due Process and contravenes thefederal Immigration and Nationality Act.

Trump's first executive order on immigration hadtriggered global condemnation as well as by US tech giants andattorneys general from 16 American states.


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