President election in mind, UP polls
do-or-die battle for BJP: CPI



Lucknow, Feb 17 : The CPI today claimed that the BJP is treating the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls as a do-or-die battle to ensure victory of its nominee in the upcoming Presidential election.

"The result of Uttar Pradesh polls are most important for the Presidential election slated for July. The BJP wants to ensure that a person of RSS background enters the RashtrapatiBhawan," CPI National Secretary Atul Kumar Anjaan claimed.

President Pranab Mukherjee's tenure as the Head of the State ends in July. He had assumed office on July 25, 2012.

"BJP will need votes of MLAs for seeing its candidate through to the highest constitutional post and the results of Punjab, Uttarakhand and UP elections will be deciding factors. So these elections are most important for the party," he said.

"Keeping this in mind, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers are going all out in Uttar Pradesh polls and treating it as do-or-die battle," the CPI leader claimed.


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