AINEF press Statement on
FIR against Tribune reporter 


New Delhi, January 13 : The AINEF, all India organisation of Journalist and non-journalist employees, expresses its serious concern against the FIR filed by the ULDAI against the report filed by the reporter of the Tribune putting in public domain for public scrutiny the highly claimed secrecy of the data in Adhar. 

Ever since its introduction long back several questions were being raised about the data in Adhar being misused and those who did so included those in power today.  That looking  to the nature of information contained in Adhar and the various uses to which the Government itself is putting the same, apprehensions, real or imaginary, will continue legitimately to be in public domain for scrutiny and correction.   Therefore, every scrutiny directed towards checking likely misuse of information in Adhar and irrespective of the outcome of such scrutiny is intended to ensure that Adhar becomes fully fool proof, and every such scrutiny, from every angle, must be viwed objectively and as a legitimate effort at addressing ever present apprehension in the minds of the public about the likely misuse of the information in Adhar.           

There is thus no scope for UIDAI to file an FIR against the reporter of the Tribune.  It is misconceived and misplaced and is a direct assault on the freedom of the Press.  We, therefore strongly condemn the same and urge upon the UIDAI to study, in public interest, the Report published, and do everything possible to allay the ever present public feeling that the data in Adhar is open to misuse. 

We demand that the FIR against the concerned journalist must be withdrawn forthwith and the UIDAI should take help of the journalist concerned in plugging the loop wholes, if any, in the present status of the Adhar. 



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