Protest against Vinay Katiyar's
recent outburst against Muslims


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New Delhi, February 13: Please find below a representation from concerned citizens to the Chairman, Rajya Sabha in protest against Vinay Katiyar's recent outburst against Muslims.
The Chairman
Rajya Sabha
Parliament of India
Parliament House
13 Feb 2018
Shri Venkaiah Naidu ji
Several BJP MPs and MLAs have been repeatedly making remarks that have been threatening the secular fabric of this nation. The latest example of this is the brazen hate speech of BJP MP, Vinay Katiyar. Therein he has said that Muslims have "no business being in India" and they should go and live in Pakistan or Bangladesh. The 63-year-old Rajya Sabha member -- one of the key campaigners for a Ram temple at the Babri mosque site in Ayodhya - also blamed Muslims for partition and demanded strict punishment for those who don't respect Vande Mataram or the Indian flag.
It is disturbing to see that one after the other BJP leaders have been making remarks that violate the Constitutional provisions guaranteeing an ethos of plural society which is the basis of Indian democracy. It is all the more disturbing that neither the government nor the judiciary is taking any cognizance of these divisive remarks by the popularly elected leaders who take an oath to uphold the constitutional rights and duties upon entering office. This has encouraged the likes of Vinay Katiyar to spew communal venom. Thus Mr. Katiyar has no qualms in asserting that, "Muslims should not stay in this country." "They have partitioned the country on the basis of population. So why are they here? Muslims have been given their share. They should go to Bangladesh or Pakistan... they have no business being in India." 
That members of Parliament can make such communal and anti-national statements with impunity under the benign eye of the BJP and its central government is highly condemnable. Muslims are an integral part of the Indian nation. By asking them to leave the country or holding them responsible for the Partition of India Vinay Katiyar is spreading communal hatred among the people and undermining the secular character of the Indian nation as guaranteed by the Constitution. 
He has brazenly violated the oath he took under article 99 of the Constitution before taking his seat as a member of the Rajya Sabha. This oath reads, 
“I, A.B., having been elected (or nominated) a member of the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) do swear in the name of God/solemnly affirm that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established, that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India2 and that I will faithfully discharge the duty upon which I am about to enter.”
We the undersigned concerned citizens of India appeal to the Chairman of Rajya Sabha to immediately revoke the membership of Vinay Katiyar from the Rajya Sabha for brazenly violating the Constitution and his oath or affirmation as a member of the Rajya Sabha. 
Sehba Farooqui Secretariat member, CPI (M) Delhi State Committee
Suroor Mandar Lawyer 
on behalf of 
Abha Dev Habib Delhi University
Aditya Nigam Prof CSDS
Ali Javed Working president PWA
Anand Teltumbde Prof IIT Kharagpur
Anuradha Chenoy Professor, JNU
Anurag Saxena Gen Secretary, CITU, Delhi
Archana Prasad Professor, JNU
Arjumand Ara Delhi University 
Arjun Dev Historian
Asha Sharma Gen Secretary, AIDWA, Delhi
Ayesha Kidwai Professor, JNU
Bhaskaran, R Bank employee
Bilasini Naorem Delhi University
Chandrasekhar, CP Professor, JNU
DN Jha Historian
Dunu Roy Political Activist 
Gauhar Raza Scientist, Poet
Hannan Mollah PB Member, CPI (M)
Harsh Mandar Social Activist 
Hiren Gohain Intellectual
Indira Chandrasekhar Publisher
Irfan Habib, S Scientist
Jayati Ghosh Prof JNU
Kamal Mitra Chenoy Professor, JNU
Kavita Krishnan PB Member CPI (ML) Liberation
Kavita Shrivastava PUCL
KM Shrimali Historian
Krishna Prasad, P Ex MLA, Finance Secretary, AIKS
Krishna Sengupta Delhi University
Madangopal Singh Artist
Madhu Prasad Academic
Maimoona Mollah President, AIDWA, Delhi
Malini Bhattacharya President, AIDWA
Manisha Sethi Jamia Solidarity Association
Mariam Dhawale Gen Secretary, AIDWA
MK Raina Theatre Personality
Moloyshree Hashmi Theatre Activist
Nivedita Menon Prof JNU
Noor Zahir Author, Activist 
Prabhat Patnaik Professor Emeritus, JNU
Prabhat Shukla Historian
Prashant Mukherjee Secretary, SFI
Rajiv Kunwar Delhi University
Rajive Kumar Janwadi Lekhakh Sangh
Rakhi Sehgal Journalist
Ram Rahman Photographer
Raveendranathan, PI Cultural Activist
Ravish Alam Student
Saba Dewan Film Maker
Saif Mahmood Lawyer 
Shabnam Hashmi Social Activist 
Shafiqur Rehman Khan Activist
Shama Mitra Chenoy Delhi University
Shayista Khan Delhi University
Sheeba Aslam Fehmi Rearch Scholar 
Shehla Hashmi Ceramic Artist
Sohail Hashmi Historian
Subhashini Ali PB Member CPI (M)
Sudhanva Deshpande Publisher
Syed Zafar Mahmood Zakat Foundation
Teesta Setalvad Political activist
Vivan Sundaram Artist
Zoya Hasan Prof JNU
and many others…


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