SFI congratulates the JNUSU 


From India News Network (INN)

New Delhi, February 13: The central executive committee of SFI congratulates the JNUSU and entire student community for putting up a spirited fight against the RSS backed JNU administration's diktats of sabotaging the teaching-learning environment of JNU.
Needless to mention ever since this VC Jagdish Kumar has assumed office the single point agenda of his has been the pursuance of RSS ideology in JNU. Right from the beginning of 2016, from the dubious role of 'High Level Enquiry Committee' in concocted incident of 'alleged Anti-India Slogans', Massive Seat Cut in Mphil and Phd, withdrawal of deprivation points in admission for students of marginalised sections and women, criminal silence in case of Najeeb's disappearance, debarring JNUSU representatives from attending meetings of statutory bodies, slapping of huge fines and hostel transfers on student activists', scrapping of GSCASH to the recent being the 'mandatory attendance'. it is of imperative need to be mentioned here that the students led a month long movement by boycotting attendance that was when the administration came out with a circular stating all fellowships, merit-cum-means scholarships will be linked to attendance. The students' and teachers' of the campus have given a befitting rebuff to the attempts of destroying teaching-learning environment  by coming out in thousands and rejecting the arbitrary notification.
These attempts by the VC are not isolated of the developments in the country it is a part of the large agenda of the RSS led BJP government at the center of privatization of education sector and crushing all avenues of democratic dissent.
SFI demands immediate withdrawal of the draconian notification and appeals to student and teachers to stand tall and united against any attempts to sabotage the democratic and time tested teaching-learning process.
We support and express solidarity towards this movement and call all the units to observe protest. We stand with the 15th JNUSU march to the MHRD at New Delhi and also express our solidarity for the same.


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