CPI(M) Haryana State  Jan Adikar
Rally , Tohana(Fatehabad)


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Tohana(Haryana) : The history of red flag in India, from independence struggle till today, is the history of extreme  sacrifices. It has bore  the brunt of attacks and torture. It has a legacy of sacrifice in favour of down trodden, peasants, workers and other toiling masses. It cannot be brought down either in India or in the world. The bearers of red  flag will continue to make all the sacrifices till the capitalist system is over thrown.


It was said by Com. Mohammad Salim. MP and Polit Bureau member of CPI(M). He was  addressing the ‘Jan Adhikar Rally’ here  organised on the  occasion of 15th State Conference of Party. Thousands of peasants, workers, women and other sections of people participated in the rally. The people came with zeal and vigour dancing on the  tunes of bands. Com. Salim  asked the RSS and BJP to explain its role in the Indian freedom struggle. Not even a single leader of RSS went to jail during freedom struggle and even then they are trying to be patriots today! He said that Mr. Narender Modi came to power in 2014 on the promises of development, employment, women empowerment, cutailing corruption and bringing back black money staked in foreign banks. But he  has not fulfilled a single promise in last 4 years. Amit Shah now says that the promises were ‘Jumla’. Today peasants are committing suicide, agriculture crisis has accentuated and the government, is not ensuring even the MSP for crops. The scheme workers are agitating but the govt. is not even recognizing them as employees. The BJP govt. is bent upon winding up the welfare schemes and destroying public sector education and health infrastructures. He accused the BJP of hobnobbing with those who are attacking dalits, women and the minorities.


Party central leader Com. Nilotpal Basu and state secretary of the party  Surender Singh accused the BJP of dividing people and creating animosity based on caste religion and region. It has created such an environment in which the soldiers are getting killed on the borders and even internal security of the  country is at stakes. Instead of giving relief to the people this govt. is enabling the corporate to plunder natural resources of the  country.  It is waiving off loans of lakhs of crores of rupees of the corporate, where as farmers and labour are committing suicides due to indebtedness. But the govt. is unperturbed. By talking of 2022, BJP and Modi are aiming at winning the 2019 general elections. He said that public have realised the cunningness and policies favoring the corporate, they will teach them lessons in next elections.

Rally was also addressed by the party’s ex. MLA Harpal Singh, Inderjit Singh, Satvir Singh, Shakuntala Jakhar and Jagtar Singh, leaders asserted that  the Red flag is guiding and  leading the peasants, workers, women, petty traders and business persons, students and youth. Ruling class of the day is highly aggressive and attacking the democratic forces in every nook and corner of country. They have thrown a   challenge for the peace and harmony in the country. We  accept this. We are ready for this as larger and larger sections of the people are lining behind red flag for struggles. 


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