SFI condemns the attack on
students of Punjabi University


From India News Network (INN)

New Delhi, October 10: The Students Federation of India (SFI) Central Executive Committee has issued the following statements:

Central Executive Committee of SFI condemns the attack on students of Punjabi University, Patiala. The ongoing student's struggle in Punjabi University Patiala took an uncertain turn when girls returning to hostel and students protesting outside Vice Chancellor's office were attacked by a mob of around 150 goons. This incident took place after doctored video of a girl trying to put her hand on Provost's neck went viral. People were mobilized by showing this video. Around 7:45 pm on 9th October, this mob moved towards the girl’s hostel and started attacking random girls. Girls were slapped and dragged aggressively and were told to move inside their hostel. Then the mob, headed towards VC office where students were peacefully protesting. The students were attacked mercilessly and three of them are now hospitalized with serious injuries. The protesting students in order to save themselves went inside the VC office area and locked themselves. The goons then tried to enter the area and in the process vandalized the building. And now University has been shut till Sunday. In protest of violence students took out march this evening. SFI Punjab state committee also calls a given state wide call of protest tomorrow.


In recent past the increasing violence inside the campuses had been a great worry to the democratic students’ movement. SFI stands in solidarity with the protesting students and demand the authority to take necessary steps to punish the culprits and meet the demands of protesting students to bring the campus back to  normal.

The Central Executive Committee of SFI stands in strong Solidarity with the ongoing students strike in the Central University of Kerala against the authoritarian and corrupt administration of the university. The indefinite strike, called by SFI, began yesterday was triggered by the suicide attempt by a student who was suspended by the administration over his facebook posts. Such a surveillance can never be tolerated in a democratic society. We see this as a continuation of what is going on in Indian universities ever since the RSS controlled NDA came to power. All the features of a University- Democratic space for dissent and debate, the fearless atmosphere of enquiry, battle of ideas and tolerance towards questioning- are being replaced by authoritarian diktats and suspension of all democratic rights. We have earlier seen how did such super authoritarian tendencies, backed by the fascistic central government, have led to the institutional murder of Rohit Vemula and the arrest of three JNU students, and also the witch haunt on several students across the country. The Central University of Kerala has been a center for instigating RSS propaganda over the years. RSS sympathisers and workers have been appointed to the key posts and the different vacancies are filled with their own people by sabotaging all the norms and regulations. A Dalit student was also expelled earlier without providing him with any democratic measures to go through a free and fair enquiry. This action was revoked after consistent struggle led by SFI. In another atrocious incident, one lecturer has also been suspended from the university for expressing solidarity with the students targeted by the administration. This series of disciplinary actions are nothing less than an attempt to instil fear among the students and teachers who dare to raise their voice against the autocratic university administration. This is also an attack on the constitutional rights of the students.

SFI express our unconditional Solidarity with Akhil Thazhath, the suspended student of Central University of Kerala and also ensure an uncompromising struggle until the justice is delivered. SFI Central Executive Committee calls upon all its units and democratic sections across the nation to rise up in solidarity with the ongoing struggle in CUK.


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