AIAWU condemns
the brutal attack 


From India News Network (INN)

New Delhi, December 6: The All India Agricultural Workers Union (AIAWU) condemns the brutal attack on Chingravati police post and other parts of Siyana village in Bulandshahr district of UP in which a police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh Rathore, who initiated the enquiry into the death of Akhlaq Khan by a Dadri lynch mob, was murdered. It is shocking that neither the Chief Minister of UP, Shri. Ajay Singh Rawat, nor the Prime Minister have attempted to contact the family and share its grief with them. Moreover, the failure to secure the arrest of Yogesh Raj, the district in charge of the Bajrang Dal and his fellow goons are even mention the name of an organisation spreading terror all over the state is a matter of grave concern. What is worse, the leadership of BJP in UP is declaring one of the mob from Naya Bas a martyr and demanding compensation for his death, which reflects the attitude of the ruling party in the state in defending such terrorist activity which is not acceptable.


We demand that the Chief Minister of UP go and condole with the family of Shri. Singh and hand over the compensation and other support to his family directly. Yogesh Raj and his fellow terrorists of the Bajrang Dal should be booked and arrested forthwith to ensure peace and tranquility in the area once more. What is shocking is that the names of seven muslims of Naya Bas village on false charges of killing cows by the miscreants is being acted upon by the local police. These charges should be withdrawn at once.


We call on all our state units to protest and demand immediate action to restore communal harmony and peace, arrest and punish these miscreants and provide solace to the family of Subodh Kumar Singh. 


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