Venezuelan Top Court Calls for
Probe into Illegal Actions of
Suspended National Assembly


C aracas, January 23 : The coup agenda of the Venezuelan right-wing continues as opposition lawmaker Juan Guido unconstitutionally and illegally sworn himself in as president to boost "transitional council."

In an act not contemplated by the Constitution of Venezuela, Guaido self-appointed himself to usurp the powers of the National Executive power. The head of the Executive Power corresponds to President Nicolas Maduro, who was elected with 67 percent of popular votes on May 20, 2018, for the period 2019- 2025.

The magistrate of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), Juan José Mendoza, urged the Public Ministry (Prosecutor's office) to investigate members of the National Assembly (AN), regarding the usurpation of powers of the Executive power in Venezuela.

The TSJ also ratified the unconstitutionality of the AN acts adding that the assembly continues to be in judicial contempt. The opposition self-appointed president of the National Assembly of Venezuela Guaido has unconstitutionally sworn himself in as President to push a "transitional council," on Wednesday morning.

Mendoza noted that the National Assembly "expressly violates Article 236, numerals 4 and 15, as it seems to usurp the competence of the President of the Republic in directing the foreign relations of the State." In reference to celebrating and ratifying treaties, conventions and international agreements, as well as the exclusive attribution of the Executive Power to designate the heads of diplomatic missions.

"These agreements involve the execution of an act of force that seeks to repeal the constitutional text and all subsequent acts of the national public power," explained the magistrate of the Supreme Court.

The U.S. President Donald Trump "recognized" Guaido as president, materializing the agenda for the coup and destabilization as the opposition called for rallies in the streets. The same was done by Canada and the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, who has instigated the attacks against Venezuela and the Bolivarian Government.


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