Modi's words are big lies;  Those arrested in
Sabarimala are indulged in  illegal acts: Pinarayi



Thiruvananthapuram, April 14 : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statement 'that  if one chants Ayyappan's name in Kerala will be put behind bars, is utter lie. The prime minister is trying to mislead the country in the name of Sabarimala. Modi must protect the dignity of Prime Minister. While addressing massive public meetings of LDF in various centers in Kollam district Pinarayi said that  Modi is trying to insult the people of Kerala.  Pinarayi also said that the Election Code of Conduct should apply to the Prime Minister. 


Those who involve in criminal activities will be arrested and legal action will be followed.   There will be no action if Modi's followers are doing illegal activities in other states. Modi  have saved those killed in the the name of  beef. But that does not happen in Kerala. 

Sangh Parivar was trying to create riots in Sabarimala. There were efforts to obstruct pilgrims who give offerings Sabarimala. Criminals have threw coconut to the police as well as Pilgrims. The government has taken stringent actions.


The government is taking steps to bring Sabarimala to a noble pilgrim center.  It was the central government had given instructions to the state governmen to implement the Supreme Court judgement.   We do not want Modi's advice to implement the Supreme Court verdict. 

"Are you sure that Modi, who is campaigning in Kerala, will get the BJP's vote for its own candidate?", Pinarayi asked. Amit Shah has criticised Muslim League recently.   BJP's former president Late KG Marar,  had told the story of the alliance with the league in his book.  UDF candidate in Nemom assembly constituency has recently uncovered the fact that Congress had made clandestine understanding with BJP to ensure the victory of BJP candidate O Rajagopal. In past years  BJP regularly came to rescue Congress when ever it is in danger.

A Congress candidate recently came with an advertisement in which he said that he will not go with BJP after the electios. Such a bad state the Congress had fallen into. 


 In 2004, Kerala showed how to prevent the BJP from coming to power without letting the Congress decide. For the LDF, it won 18 of the 20 seats. This time it will get more seats. The Congress and BJP follows the same policies. When Narendra Modi came to replace Manmohan Singh,  no change has been seen. The distress of the people did not change. The two implemented neo-liberal policies. Pinarayi said, "If there is a change in this, the government should come for alternative policies. 


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