Narada tapes: CBI grills IPS
officer SMH Mirza for third time



Kolkata, Jul 3 : IPS officer S M H Mirza was grilled for the third time on Wednesday by the anti-corruption bureau of CBI in connection with the Narada tapes scandal.

Mirza was grilled for more than five hours by the investigating agency's officials to ascertain his role in the scam.

In the Narada tapes, the police officer was shown accepting cash from a purported businessman at the behest of some political leaders.

Mathew Samuels of Narada news portal posing as a businessman had conducted a sting operation which showed several Trinamool Congress leaders and the IPS officer taking cash in return for favours.

Mirza was the superintendent of police of the undivided Burdwan district when the sting operation was conducted by Samuels.

The video footage of the sting operation, conducted in 2014, were uploaded on the news portal before the West Bengal Assembly elections in 2016 and created a furore in the state's politics.


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