AITUC takes strong objection to bulldozing of
labour laws through codification


New Delhi, July 11 : AITUC takes strong objection to the ways of government in pushing the codification of various laws. After the announcement of wage code, now the cabinet has cleared code on OSH. These codes contrary to the claims by the Government would enhance the process of exclusion of workers from the benefits they accrue from the existing laws. The wage code has denied the agreed formula of wage calculation as per 15th Indian Labour conference, and add on 25% as directed by Supreme Court judgment in Raptakos case. The talk of regional wage on geographical bases is also irrational and the calculation of minimum wage formula, process & procedures are being dismantled to the advantage of employers and the workers would be left in lurch to get justice as the inspections are being given go bye and facilitators are being introduced. The so called report of the committee set up by the Government on minimum wages has brought the calculations much less than what is being provided in Delhi, and it is unacceptable. Amalgamation of various acts itsef reflects on the real intentions of the Government to put workers in disadvantage and favour to employers.

In the code on safely (OSH), the cabinet while clearing it decides to make it applicable in the establishments, with ten workers, while clubbing dozens of various laws/norms/available to respective various sectors. 90 percent of workforce which is from unorganised sector/informal economy sector, out sourced on contract and home based sector would be out of the purview of the code.

There are different work situations, with varied needs of safety equipments, environment, various sector specific ailments needing health needs in accordance to that etc, same shoe can’t be fitted to everyone. The centralized way of laws are necessary on sectoral bases, as is available at present. The need is to strengthen available laws and go in for more such laws to include all those who are left out. But this instead of inclusion would in one stroke exclude millions of workers from safety protections.

International labour standards are not being adhered to, the violations are rampant and the NDA Government led by BJP is bent upon to further vitiate the environment putting the lives of more than 50 crores into jeopardy.   


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