BJP’s ‘Shyamaprasad Mukherjee’   
‘unmasked’ in Kolkata by eminent thinkers



Eminent Personalities present in the Talk regarding Unmasking Shyamaprasad and Releasing a Book on him Seen in the picture are CPI(M) PBM MD Salim,Eminent Legal expert Bikashranjan Bhattacharya,Congress Leader Arunanbha Ghosh ,RSP Leader Manoj Bhattacahrya and Writer Goutam Roy amongst others.

Kolkata :  “ Not many times, Bengal tries to forget any person or throws him into tunnels of History  or carries on analysis  about a person after his death.  However  it has been warranted  as  the present ruling party in its’ search for an  identity  figure to boast of, pertaining to the independence period , has  excavated that  person from the gutters of history  and is trying to bestow  greatness on him“  said a visibly irritated Educationist  Prof Mihir Bhattacharya ,Former Head of Department of English of Famed Jadvapur  University ( which has been adjudged as a Centre of Excellance in English literature in the country by UGC)  addressing in a high profile talk on “Shyamaprasad “ organised as part of a Book publication,centre’d around a factual analysis of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee , considered to be the ideologue of the ruling Modi led BJP Party.

Prof.  Bhattacharya also added that he was distraught and thought of skipping a talk  on such a matter , that we all would like to forget, however later understanding the factual representation and  Rationality dependent mindset of the author of the book ,  had consented to come to the programme.

Tracing his economically deprived childhood, resultant of a Forced Partition of Bengal , after being uprooted  from Eastern  side Bengal ,now Bangladesh  , and coming to India during 1950, he said that this realization of his ,stem from his realization of the contribution of  Mukherjee , as a prime destroyer of  communal harmony and subsequently which led to the devastating partition of Bengal , and  then his nefarious role  as the master organiser of the landed gentry  in Bengal during the Bengal Famine , (even in his village) on communal lines  and  letting  over 3 million Bengali farmers perish in Bengal famine, while he  was  Food and civil supplies Minister of undivided Bengal .

 “Even after independence ,  he was instrumental in standing up against  the first instance of Land Reforms in Independent India at  Jammu Kashmir done by Late  Sk Abdullah ,   ( The second being in Kerala by EMS and then by  Jyoti Basu led LF Government in West Bengal ), and  even the de industrialization process of West Bengal  and the flight of capital from Bengal to Western shores , started when he was   Minister of Commerce  in the PM Nehru’s  Cabinet ,and  he was insatrumental shifted  the Headquarter of the  State Bank  (Then Imperial bank )  from the then industrially vibrant Kolkata  to the then Bombay (now Mumbai). It is not a mere con incidence that western shore based capitalists and their  protegé’ Politicians, likes him the most” said the eminent Educationist speaking in the  programme at Kolkata.

 Speaking on the issue MD Salim , Former MP  and CPI(M) Politbureau Member and an  eminent parliamentarian over three decades Parliamentary politics experience, that evaluating a Person stems from the understanding of that epoch, especially as after nearly 60 years of that Epoch ,suddenly with vile motive attempt is being made to take all of us to a  trance , and  to makeshift believe commoners  , many of them now a days, only depends  on “Whatsapp University” as the only credible source of information.  He was a person who  self bestowed a  Doctorate degree upon himself by  the dint of becoming a VC of Calcutta University ,(albeit a controversial nomination, which was primarily taken in consideration of  his high Birth , being the son of Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee),he pointed out  . 

Highlighting that  “ Civilizational Value  in Bengal can never be eroded through the win or loss in   one or two election , and the ground of these divisive forces has been prepared  by the present ruling regime in the last 10 years  ,who has abolished the  culture assimilation , that has been a mark of Bengal , making the soil ripe, for  divisive forces”.

  However truly Shyamaprasad can be said to be the  Guru of present day “turncoats” of  Politics , which is now an essential credential of a so called ruling politician , and searching history it can be found that  he became Ministers in Cabinet led by Muslim leagues’ Fazlul Haque , (Muslim League ) despite being a Leader of Hindu Mahasabha. Earlier he was also a Minister in Congress led  pre partition cabinet in Bengal , and then Nehru Led  First Indian Cabinet .Incidentally he had ditched   Congress in the 30s’ decade  ,when  the Congress Central Leadership had decided in the 30’s decade to resign all its Ministerial Position in all the 9 provinces of India that it had then under its control, to  concentrate on struggle for Indian Independence . 

Interestingly he again left his parental party Hindu Mahasabha ,when that Party called  for abandoning Politics , inview of  Partition Plans , and work within common people in the ground level after refugee problem erupted. During such trying times when each and every other Political Party was working to work out commonality  between them , to realize the larger cause of Indian Independence , then it was  this person ,who looked  only at contradictions , to jeopardize the concept of  “ Mahajati  “  (  (Assimilation of all  humanity )of Tagore to  Netaji, who even dedicated the Biggest Auditorium of that time (1936)   for building this cause, and named it as “ Mahajati Sadan “Auditorium , which was inaugurated by  Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore . Such divisiveness cannot be Patriotism,he quipped in the programme which was moderated by activist and educationist Swati Chakraborty.  

“Even Atalbehari Bajpayee after becoming Prime Minister ,did not tried to rehabilitate Shyamaprasad , despite the fact that he was Personal secretary of Shyamaprasad , shows  the present day bankruptcy of Modi-Amit Shah . The attempt is being made, he quipped “as to give a respectability to RSS -Sangh Parivar who are primarily known as the killer of Mahatma Gandhi, and present them with a Primary Identical figure, to boast of ,during the period of Indian Independence . Especially as to everybody still the facts remain that it was the proponents of Hindutva, like Shyamaprasad , who have tried to sabotage , freedom movement ,  from their very inception”.

Pointing out that “Artistes like Painter Somnath Hore ,Jainal Abedin painted Bengal Famine, and of  Black Marketers and Hoarders , and  Shyamaprasad s historical analysis shows his  determination to fight  for the cause of Black marketers and Hoarders  , as a right of Business , even during times of  Bengal Famine, where over 3 million poor peasantry and rural folks perished in hunger, in want of food. Even Avant Garde  Poet Sukanta  Bhattacharya  , had told  of the raj of Hoarders  and Black Marketersqqq to precipitate Famine , during 1943, when he was Food and Civil supplies Minister.

“While Bengal’s cultural ethos’ led by Tagore  ,spoke of  Social Integration  ,while  his works pioneered   disintegration  , and is perhaps in construe with BJP s idea of Membership Based Indian citizenship as had been recently reflected  after NRC in Assam” he commented .

In his Speech  Legal  Expert  Ace Lawyer  Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya  pointed that  Shyamaprasad  was never an integrating factor even for his own Religion,  and can be only regarded as an icon of  “Brahminism or Brahmanyabad”  and  such and reactionary person has rightfully been devoid of any place in  Progressive Bengal  and his  attempts to make a ethnic fragmentation , makes him  unworthy to be mentioned along with   Tagore, Kaji Najrul  Islam ,CR DAS, Netaji, to Jyoti Basu . 

In his Speech   Senior  legal expert  Congress leader Arunava Ghosh said that  the countrys’ judiciary is reacting like it  did during the initial phases of Emergency , and which has been later admitted as denial of justice by the Supreme Court itself .

He said  that Congress leaders  that denial of justice to Congress leader P  Chidambarams’  to  Supreme Court  forbading  the  General Secretary of a National political Party  (nee’ CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury )as not to speak to Media or make any Political Discourse in Kashmir , which they feel is in a perfect democratic shape according to the ruling Party and its followers . They are followers of this person ,Shyamaprasad ,  who , according to all probability and facts , has been a master of falsification.

He added that a “Prime  Minister whose  certificate reads that he is a  Masters on “Entire Political Science “ , can be bestowed as the real  follower  of one who bestowed Doctorate upon himself , after being  VC of CU ,through invisible hands , and High birth”.

Saying this, he went on quote George Orwells “Animal Farm”,saying that   “They want us to believe that “ War is Peace ,Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance in Strength”. 


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