“Singur to Nabanna” March shooks’ echelons
of Power in the state : Over 90 Protesters
Injured  including  SFI DYFI leadership grievously injured



Kolkata, September 13 :  Determined Student Youth  Marchers  today  re wrote history by valiantly fighting with  brutal Police aided by TMC hooligans, as  Police had to enforce  barricades  after Barricades and  employ over 1000 Police officials, water cannon, Riot Police,  Vermillion dipped red water to  fake injury, tear gas shells  and had brought in history sheeters and wagon breakers, all marked hooligans, of ruling TMC, to corner the deft Marchers, by brick batting them from building tops.   


Over 150 of Marchers, including the top leadership of SFI and DYFI,  DYFI State Secretary  Sayandeep Mitra, DYFI  State President Meenakshi Mukherjee, SFI State Secretary Srijan Bhattacharya  were grievously  injured, as  due to the the brutal lathicharge without any provocation.   The over 25000 strong Huge Rally, created waves after waves to Move forward, thwarting police lathicharge. About 90 of  Protesters are still untraceable, and it is being envisaged that many of them might be arrested or injured. Officially there has been about 15 arrests so far.

Interestingly TMC  Hooligans today brought  some  vermillion mixed red water, and poured it on  Police constables Body, and instructed them  to recluse as  injured, however the conspiracy  was within moments, caught by the activists, and perpetrators were caught red handed by the activists.

Later Piusha Mitra, an SFI activist from Burdwan was  arrested, for bursting the conspiracy, and that again triggered a new wave of protest. Today, in an  unimaginable Manner  the water cannon  of the Police lost its  steam, before the determined protesters, who did not yield ground, and moved forward despite the full flow of the cannon, and that led to Police being sceptical over the efficiency of the cannon, which was later checked and found to be 100 % functional. Protesters and even   Woman SFI activists  were seen picking up the  just fired upon Tear gas shells from the ground  and throwing it back  at the barricade,  one of which also hit this  correspondent. Such  tear gas shells  became a hidden weapon  of the rallyists, who stunned the forces back, for many times, employing the method.

Left Front today has called for  immediate protests throughout the state  from  today , against the barbaric Police brutality   and Tomorrow will be observed as Black day  by  Left Student Youth Activists.Left  Front Chairman Biman Basu in a  statement condemning the Police Brutality has said  that  the Student –Youth in an unarmed manner had gone to demand for cheaper education and Employment opportunities, but instead got  mauled by brutal lathicharge.  Many of injured has been taken to  Howrah District  Hospital and Left Front Chairman Biman Basu  has visited the  Injured.

CPI(M) Politbureau  Member MD Salim, also the former  General Secretary of DYFI, today afternoon in a Press Conference,  has said that after many  years, the historical march is comparable with the determination of the  present Student youth activists, who in order to take forward the demand for  employment and  Cheaper education, has today made optimum sacrifice.  It is sad, that when CM, is running “PR” campaign Didi ke Bolo”, instead of taking memorandum, from the student youth activists, has forced upon their unarmed police towards the unarmed Youths.  Mamata Banerjee is playing with “Fire “ and said that  his Police Force wont be able able to stem the protests. He also said that as a  former Youth activist,  “We all are saluting the Vibrant Youths, who have  valiantly fought against the  indiscriminating use of force by the Police”, on order of Government.  Interstingly duringthe AMIT Shah  rally where Vidyasagar Statue was demiolished by BJP, Police  used restraint, however a cause  of demanding employment and cheap education, invites use of brutal force, to demolish aspirations  and legitanmate demands of the  Lakhs of  Youths of the state.

 It can be recalled that more than 5000 Permanent Marchers  had  in the last 24 Hours, walked over 30 Kilometers and accompanied by over 20 thousand Student and Youth Activists through out the Route, and despite the weariness,  Woman activists were seen leading the charge against the Police . About 15 Rallyists has been arrested by the Howrah Police, and according to reports  Attempt is being made to take them to Police custody as Criminals involved in  Criminal cases.

Howrah Police  and  West Bengal Police today  made elaborate arrangements to stall the march employing  specialized forces with battle gears, and  the way  barely 20  aged and 30 aged activists forces them  back, at one point of time frustrated  even the DC of Police , who  was leading Police Charge.    SFI and DYFI activists spontaneously blocked the Howrah Bridge at one point of time, as Police  tried to hastily clear the road, and Traffic  in large parts of Howrah city came to standstill, as  Youths came  to road protesting the brutality. The Activists also barged to Roof top of some buildings , and from where they apprehended  red hand about 8 Miscreants, all TMC hooligans, and handed over them to the Police. Despite Human right restrictions, today also male constables were seen manhandling woman activists.   

Earlier   DYFI  General Secretary Abhay Mukherjee, SFI General Secretary Mayukh Biswas, SFI  Leader Srijan  Bhattacharya, Pratikur Rehman,  DYFI State Secretary Sayandeep Mitra  and President Meenakshi Mukkherjee along with leaders of 12 Leftist Student Youth Organizations today started their March from  Dankuni, and after a halt near Railway Museum near Howrah Station,  where  many marchers joined  the March, to take part in fear defying struggle against Police Baton. After the  Rally  Crossed Bankim Bridge, near GT road, Police  embargoed the March, while the March Participants  broke the initial barrricade before the Bankim setu.


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