Biggest All India Strike, Rural Hartal & Students’ Strike in
Show of Unity against BJP Government’s Policies  : AIKS


From India News Network (INN)

New Delhi, January 8: The All India Strike called by the Central Trade Unions, the Grameen Hartal called by AIKS as well as the AIKSCC and the Students’ Strike witnessed overwhelming response across the country. In most States the Strike ensured a total Bandh. Peasants and agricultural workers across the country ensured a Grameen Bharat Bandh highlighting their burning issues and expressed solidarity with the working class by also taking part in joint actions of Rail and Road Roko in many places. Scenes from across India of workers and peasants with red flags along with other organisations with their flags witnessed from the morning including in rain-hit regions as well as in conditions of extreme snow-fall are inspiring. It is a clear manifestation of the people’s anger against the Narendra Modi-led BJP Government.


Demands included raising of minimum wages to at least Rs.21,000/- per month, Minimum Support Price for farm produce at least 50 percent above cost of production, freedom from indebtedness, scrapping of anti-worker labour law amendments and codification,  universalizing Public Distribution System, employment generation, universal social security and at least Rs.10,000/- pension per month. Slogans were raised against price rise, disinvestment of Public Sector Undertakings, unemployment, attacks on democracy, women and the oppressed. School, College and University campuses also saw an overwhelming response to the Students’ Strike call against attacks on education, commercialization and communalization of education.


The Strike also manifested as a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizenship, against the brutal attacks and repression of student protests, against price rise, attacks on women, Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims. The constituents of the Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Andolan actively participated to make the Strike a success. The unprecedented solidarity of the workers and peasantry as well as different sections of society reeling under the anti-people Neoliberal economic policies and communal policies of the BJP points to bigger united struggles in coming days. It is also a resolve of the Indian people against the divisive fascist forces and in defense of the Indian Constitution.


AIKS congratulates the toiling masses who made the Strike and Rural Hartal a massive success. The Strike is a clear message to the BJP Government and a warning against pursuing their perilous policies as well as divisive agenda.


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