The working classes’ mouthpiece, Ganashakti turns 48


Ganashakti turns 48 today.  It was on this day, the 3rd of January, 1967 that Ganashakti came into being.  The voice of the CPI (M) State Committee, Ganashakti started off as an eveninger with Saroj Mukherjee as its editor & publisher. The four page newspaper was priced at 10 paise. The first editorial of ‘Ganashakti’ ended with these words, ‘The Congress rulers will not go scot free. The final victory has also been that of the people; that is the final lesson of history. But the people will have to strive hard & continue the arduous journey for this struggle. The party mouthpiece, Ganashakti will strive to carry on this tradition. It will relentlessly disseminate the message of the labour & working classes. All plots & conspiracies of the ruling Congress party shall unfold through these columns’.

A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then. The Congress party has now been replaced by its rightist, militant-lumpen breakaway, the Trinamul.  The country & the state is witnessing the attempt by Finance Capital to create a stranglehold over India’s politics; the RSS, Narendra Modi & a strident anti-politics, anti-people’s representative campaign on the rise. Ganashakti has fought off fascist terror of the 70s, the censorship during the Emergency & is again fighting similar battles against a fascist like Trinamul government. The last two & half years have seen scores of attacks on Ganashakti personnel, reporters, distribution vendors & the destruction of hundreds of the public Ganashakti boards. The ruling government has tried to throttle the paper by a undeclared ‘censorship’, by suppressing all advertisements, a move clearly unconstitutional.

The foundation day will be celebrated at the Pramod Dasgupta Bhavan today evening, starting at 5 pm. CPI (M) Polit Bureau member & Left Front Chairman, Biman Bose & Polit Bureau member & ex- CM, Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharya will address the gathering.

In the current times, when the media is accused of class bias & a sell-out to vested interests, including paid news, Gansahakti shines as a beacon of the promise of the 4th estate, heralding the interest of the common man with uncompromised honesty. It lives up to its most interesting tagline, ‘We are not unbiased, we are for the working people!’


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