Lakhs  joins “ Jail  Bhoro”  
Movement in  West Bengal 



Kolkata,August 9-  From  the  North Bengal  Districts of    Jalpaiguri to  southern tip of North 24 Parganas district and  South 24 Pargana’s district ,  from  the Western Tip of Purulia district to   Eastern part at Nadia district ,  lakhs of people  assembled  in the designated places   and took part in Law violation Movement throughout the

state   protesting against , anti farmer Union and State government

policies and  to highlight the plight of the countrys’  Peasantry  and the other section of the population  reeling under  the oppressive regime.   Police In  West Bengal showed  once again their real allegiance  to the  Oppressive regimes  as they  became hyperactive   to stall the progress of the Law violation movement campaigners ,  and  resorted  to indiscriminate lathicharge in various districts .  At Dostipur near  Diamond harbour  of South 24 Parganas  district , a convoy of buses  and vehicles carrying law violation movement participants  including leader of the Left Legislative Party Dr  Sujan Chakraborty was attacked  by the TMC hooligans   and brickbatted  . Even bombs were charged  to disperse the buses  , however the common people  of the nearby villages  gathered  and  erupted in protest as well as the campaigners , following which the hoodlums fled. However braving the onslaught the participants participated in the programme at Diamond harbour braving the odds  and courted arrest

   As  part of the Nationwide  movement  by the AIKS and other peasant  organizations  , which has been supported even by the  former military men , and  vehemently by the working class organizations , West Bengal’s  Left workers   today posed  a big question mark to the media supported  policy of polarization  ,as they took the centre stage  in news showing heroic spirit  as armed with their ideology and the Red flag they overcame all the obstacles .

The Day started  as the carriers of the Red flag  were able  to hoodwink the  tight security before the Governors resident at Rajbhawan   and flew the red flag, violating the sec 144 imposed there, and courted arrest  , and were taken to  Lalbazar  Police headquarters.

 In Diamondharbour   tens of  Thousands of people were officially arrested  .

Near Chapadali  junction in  Barasat  over 30000 people assembled  and  took part in law violation movement  

In Bankura   too agitators forced the Police to retreat , before courting arrest.

 In   West Medinpore District  ,  Purulia, and in Coochbihar  district the  assembled thousands and thousands of  peasants  and working class people were subjected to brutal lathicharge.

 In Kolkata    Thousands of people  started their  rally from the  near the gate of Kolkata Corporation  and  walked  upto Rani Rashmoni Avenue  where   they broke the barricade  of Kolkata Poilce.

 Later  Left Legislative Party leader Dr Sujan Chakraborty  said that   in South 24 Pargans district  , the police took aproactive role, threatening the  participants and the   AIKS leaders   from the night  before , and even the Police and the ruling Party hoodlums destroyed  the  flags and festoons  and  even dislodged the  stage  to be created for the programme.  About 30 buses of  the participant organization was also targeted and brickbatted by the  Hoodlums on way to Diamond haarbour , He informed.

In Siuri, of Birbhum district too,  where the TMC’s  hooliganism is at its pinnacle, there  too the  braving the onslaught over 20000 participants joined the programme ,acoording to prelinary estimates

In Darjeeling Districts  led by Siliguri Mayor Ashok Bhattacharya  ,   thousands participated in the  law violation movement.

 Upto 3pm… in many places  pitched battles  have beenb fought between the participants and Police   and more than lakh  of protesters have courted arrest  in the different districts  of West Bengal. 


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