TU observes Protest day  in West Bengal
against police repression on strike day



Huge protest march held after the successful general strike .

Kolkata, January 11 : Thousands of working class people  all participants of the General Strike on 8th and 9Th January , today organized protest Marches and gate meetings in different parts of the State ,including Kolkata, venting their anger towards Police repressions  that was showered  on the working class population of the state for daring to Join the General Strike called at the behest of  Ten Central Trade Unions of the country. 

 In the Central Programme held at Kolkata, a huge protest March was organised  participated by the Leaders of the Central Trade Unions and a huge number of  working class people . CITU West Bengal Committee General Secretary Anadi Sahu, President Subhas Mukherjee, INTUC  State President Kamarujjaman Kamar along leaders of other Central Trade Unions led the determined rally  which took place in the heart of Kolkata around 5.30 PM ,traversing  a road length of 2 and half Kilometers  from  Lenin Statue Basement at Esplanade to  Entally Market in Central Kolkata.  Protest marches were also held in Siliguri in North Bengal  and also in several other districts of the state .

Armed with the Red flag , the protesters sloganed against the inept administration and anti people role of the TMC led State Government  which has even lodged many false and fictitious cases against the participants of the strike .  Warning the Police and Administration against lodging up of false cases , CITU General Secretary Anadi  Sahu said that it should be immediately withdrawn and attempts to defame the historically successful strike won’t be successful .

 It can be recalled that in a agonizing incident TMC bigwigs and police lodged a false case alleging that CITU activists  and strike supporters has bombed a children pool car , while investigations has shown that the pool car and persons alleging  the incident , and the children were stage managed and all of them are TMC leaders kin or TMC leaders themselves. Police lodged a non-bailable case  against Strike participants and CITU leader Sangramjit Chatterjee  and today before the court the stage managed case fell apart and the strike participants including Chatterjee got bail after 48 hours. After his release , the former  student leader turned CITU activist  said that  not only in Kolkata , but in the districts too false cases has been given and workers has been falsely arrested by the police .

 CITU State President  Subhas Mukherjee threatened of more agitations if these cases are not withdrawn and said that the  TMC Supremo and CM Mamata Banerjee and her police  is helping the TMC hooligans who in many places are not allowing the strike participants to join work ,after the strike.  In many places the workers has threatened of prolonged strike if the TMC and Police ‘s attrocity on workers and their rights ,continues.

 The leaders of the Ten Central Trade Unions in Kolkata has also univocally condemned the barrage of lies initiated by the State s Chief Minister against the strike participants , and has said that this role of the Chief Minister will cost her  dearly , in the next elections.  Under no circumstances  can the police and TMC and BJP led ruling class  can bow down the workers and curtail their rights, “All attempts made in this regard will be boldly thwarted by the working class people of the country”, they said in Kolkata , after joining the huge march.


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