Vidyasagar  Bust vandalism : Left leaders
in a deft protest March in Kolkata
amidst soaring temperature  



Left leaders leading a protest rally at college St area against the clashes that broke out yesterday during BJP President Amit Shah's election roadshow for Lok Sabha polls, in Kolkata, Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Photo : Shyamal Majumdar

Kolkata, May 15 :  Within  24 Hours of the ghastly act  of demolishing the Vidyasagar Statue   by the BJP –RSS--TMC  hoodlums in a show of BJP -TMC mockfight in the state, CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury  and Left Front Chairman Biman Basu  led a Huge March of Red flag carriers  in Kolkata , in the same place, where  hours before Modi’s  and Amit Shah’s  followers in the name of roadshow  had been engaged in a mockfight  and demolished the statue of Pt Vidyasagar, the 19th Century iconic reformer and Rationalist. 

  The determined and huge protest rally  was Participated by   CPI(M) Politbureau Member  Prakash Karat ,  CPI(M) West Bengal State Committee Secretary  Dr Suryakanta Mishra ,CITU General Secretary  Tapan Sen,CPI(M) PBM and MP MD Salim, Party PBM Nilatpol Basu, along with  CPI State Secretary Swapan Banerjee, Forward Block Hafiz Alam Sairani, RSP leader Sukumar Ghosh , AIDWA State Secretary Kaninika  Bose -Ghosh , Secretary of Vidyasagar Foundation Anup Sarkar , SFI General Secretary Mayukh Biswas  amongst others.

The  Rally started from  College Square after  Left Front Chairman Biman Basu and CPI(M) General Secretary Sitarm Yechury garlanded the Statue of Netaji and College square before Calcutta University    and  it roared with high pitched sloggans , marching past the Vidyasagar College  ( which is a institution started  by Vidyasagar Himself , as Metropolitan Institution  and later renamed as Vidyasagar College ) and ended before Bethune  College  .(yet another institution started by  Norman Bethune, close Vidyasagar Associate   and  another proponent of Renessainace and Pioneer of Women education  and later It was  Vidyasagar who renamed the institution as Bethune College .)

Ignoring the nearly 40’ Celcius  humidiity filled  mercury , The Protest rally held nearly at Mid noon  was participated by  Left Activists ,students, professors  and many cultural and literacy movement activists of the state.

Later  Talking to  Newspersons  after the Deft March,CPI(M) General Secretary said  that it is the game plan of  BJP RSS  to  show disrespect and defame  the icons of Rationality in the country.  Pt Vidyasagar   who contribution to our country is not only as a pioneer of Renaissance but also as a  towering rationalist  endeared to generations cannot be negated by this misadventures .   He also called  that both the Election Commission and the  State administration has got the footages of the miscreants who desecrated the  bust of Vidyasagar  and he called for immediate arrest of the miscreants.

 Refuting Amit Shah  and West Bengal CM’s claims and counter claims , he said that “even icons like Vidyasagar  is being desecrated  as these parties are engaged in a dangerous communal  competition.” TMC is trying to show that it is the alternate of BJP and vice versa, and both the parties has vitiated the environment of the state. To get  a respite  , and for the upkeep of Bengals ‘ ethos’ and its contribution for nation building , it is imperative to keep both these forces, at bay”, he commented.

 Did  Amit Shah for once at least spoken of  the condition of affected working class people during demonetization? he asked.

Ignoring the Peoples condition ,to usurp Political power, these forces are running  hate campaigns. CPI(M Kolkata District Secretary Kallol Majumdar  also spoke   and asked the conscious population of the state and the city of Kolkata , to  create movement after movements to give a befitting reply to the induced and planned anarchy with communal hue, being propagated by BJP and TMC combine. 

The Ghastly Crime of vandalization of  Pt Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagars’ statue ,19THCentury Reformer ,Educationist  and literary Doyen, who along with Raja Rammohan Roy heralded the acclaimed Bengal Renaissance  was also protested by many intellectuals , as the State remained shell shocked , as the unthinkable thing , was engineered by the instigated mob being led by the RSS and the TMC, to get in the  cynosure of public attention, before the May 19th Polls


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